After making a reservation with Hostelsclub and being…

After making a reservation with Hostelsclub and being charged the reservation fee, my daughter arrived at the hotel in Paris (less than a week after making the reservation) only to find there was no room for her!

I have e-mailed Hostelsclub, but I have not received a reply or a refund. If this matter is resolved, I will amend this review, but to date we have only the innkeeper to thank for his assistance in helping our daughter find other accommodation. The fee from Hostelsclub was charged to her credit card and no room was reserved. My daughter had the printed reservation from Hostelsclub, which included everything but a confirmation number for the hotel. We have made reservations online before, and we have never had a problem until we used Hostelsclub. Needless to say we learned a lesson, and we will never use them again.




The customer service was unhelpful, and as far as I am…

The customer service was unhelpful, and as far as I am concerned they kept adding $5 to $10 charges for no reason in my opinion, plus, they wouldn’t tell me why they added the charges. The site was easy to navigate, but overall as a company hard to communicate with in my experience therefore I do not recommend Hostels Club.



I booked a hotel through the Hostels Club website…

Bad Points
The reviews don’t appear to be reliable.

General Comments
I booked a hotel through the Hostels Club website (Hotel Darcet in Paris). It has good reviews on their website. However I found the hotel to be terrible (I’ll spare you the details).

After our stay, I received a mail from hostelsclub to write a review about our stay. So I did. The review was negative of course.

I posted it and saw it appear on their website. However when I checked a few hours later, my review was gone.

It was then that I noticed that the hotel only has good reviews on that website. But on other websites, such as Tripadvisor and Hostelworld, this hotel also gets a lot of negative reviews. A bit strange? Either all the people that booked through the hostelsclub website are content or, and I am afraid that this may be the case, they filter out all the negative reviews.

So my advice is: if you want to use this website, be wary of the reviews and always check other websites before you book a hotel.



I booked my accommodation for Prague through…

I booked my accommodation for Prague through My booking was confirmed, and the service fee and 10% deposit was deducted from my credit card the next day. But when I contacted the owner of that accommodation directly to enquire about the type of room that I had booked, that owner said they had no contract with hostelsclub, the type of rooms that hostelsclub offered was unavailable, and my deposit would not be honoured. I emailed hostelsclub and requested for a refund but they did not reply. I tried all the email addresses I could find- but all my emails had bounced back. Looks like I won’t be getting my refund nor any explanation on why the website offers accommodation with a hotel with whom they have no contract with. Would NOT recommend this site to anyone, unless management responds to this review with a VALID email address I can email to, and gives me my deposit and service fee back.



My girlfriend and I just tried to book a room in Rome…

My girlfriend and I just tried to book a room in Rome with and we think we have just been robbed. We got a message telling us that some problem happened in the reservation process. We followed the intructions to start the whole process a second time and we got the same error message. The reservation fees were nevertheless taken on my girlfriend’s credit card.

We are very, very mad gainst