I booked a hotel in Kathmandu (Nepal). We were pickt…

I booked a hotel in Kathmandu (Nepal). We were pickt up at the airport and brought to an hotel with another name. But it was terrible there. It was not clean and so on. We looked the same day for another hotel. Found it and it was even sheaper, room bigger and a big terrace. I booked for 3 times 2 days and wrote a mail to get mij reservationmoney back, but they did not react. Don’t book by Hostelsclub.com



link: http://www.reviewcentre.com/review706616.html


We used hostelsclub.com to book accommodation in Rio…

We used hostelsclub.com to book accommodation in Rio de Janeiro for carnival. Knowing that this time is very busy and expensive we booked in August 2010 for March 2011! We tried to confirm our booking with the hostel in Jan but they never replied to the 3 emails I sent. They did however manage to email us 1 week before we were due to arrive to tell us that hostels club made an error with overbooking and we couldn’t get the private room we had booked and that we would have to share. Hostelsclub did not to reply to another 3/4 emails I sent!! I doubt this was a hostelsclub error, since it turned out to be a hostel scam after we were put into a dorm with 10 people and they refused to budge on the price. BUt they could have replied – it was a very stressful time for us and the stay here has been horrible.



link: http://www.reviewcentre.com/review812734.html

never,never make reservations from this site bad…

never,never make reservations from this site

bad experience with HostelsClub and Anadolu Hotel (istanbul).I’ve paid for reservation,my money jumps in their account ,and after that they told me that the hotel is full and they cannot do anything about my rervation and my money






link: http://www.reviewcentre.com/review849724.html


Hostelsclub took my money for a deposit on a booking I made, until I was informed that the hotel couldn’t accept the credit card I had used to make this booking. Hostelsclub promised me a refund on the deposit if I used an alternative card to make another booking, but they not only took the money for the deposit on the alternative card, but also keep the deposit made on the original card. Despite numerous requests and their agreement to refund the initial deposit, they never came through on this – and are since not returning any of my emails regarding this matter.

DO NOT USE THIS SITE – there are other more reputaable companies to book your accomommodation through



link: http://www.reviewcentre.com/Online-Holiday-Guides/Hostels-Club-www-hostelsclub-com-review_1738823

Terrible service!

I booked a hotel through Hostlesclub. But after one month, I received an e-mail by the hotel, which told me the price I booked was incorrect.
I told Hostelsclub the problem. Hostelclub let me “BE PATIENT”, and they would handle with it. BUT after more than one month, still NOTHING!
If you need to book a hotel/hostel, I definitely NOT suggest Hostelsclub.


link: http://www.reviewcentre.com/Online-Holiday-Guides/Hostels-Club-www-hostelsclub-com-review_1988405

Tricky scam during the booking


I have discovered the following during the booking via hostelclub.com:

Let’s imagine, I have selected a single room for 1 night that costs 25.11 EUR. The Hostelclub.com shows the total deposit as 100% of the price (2.51 EUR).
Once you press the “BOOK” button, the page shows that the total price to be paid is 25.11 EUR (the same) but deposit to be paid grows up to 4.51 EUR as it includes service charge of 2 EUR that drops out of sky.

Therefore, the total price to be shown to the customer should be 27.11 EUR.

This small trick generates hundred thousand of eur for the smart owners.



link: http://www.reviewcentre.com/Online-Holiday-Guides/Hostels-Club-www-hostelsclub-com-review_2636065