Beware of!

Just wanteded to give a warning to anyone planning to book rooms/beds through

I presumably “booked” two hostel beds with them on March 10. On March 11th, I received a personal notification from the Hostel, telling me that had placed my reservation with them, although they don’t even have availabilities for the reservation period. Apart from the inconvenience of not getting the beds I booked, for which I had already received confirmation (isn’t that what a reservation system is for?!), took 10 bucks from me for this “reservation”, and I have been chasing down my money ever since.

March 11: Reported above issue to – never received a reply.
March 17: Sent a reminder to
March 21: Someone from gets back to me in Swedish (which I don’t understand).
March 21: Finally a reply in English. tells me that they are waiting for a reply from the Hostel.
March 24: Sent a follow-up to, asking what came of their inquiry. No reply.

Then I was on vacation. When I came back, I discovered that hat done NOTHING in my absense.

April 15: I’m sending them another email – this time less courteous.
April 18: Someone finally gets back to me. They tell me that “as far as they can see”, the refund was authorized weeks ago. They will double-check with the administration office.

Two weeks later, I received my credit card statement – no refund from whatsoever, at least not between the beginning of time and April 26.

So to sum it up: is either a scam, or a bunch of imbeciles. To me, that pretty much makes no difference, actually. All I can say is, stay away from these people. You may be able to afford the money, but hardly the time to deal with this sort of ****.





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